Tracy Pattin talks about the power of video for your website!

Simple, Powerful Web Videos for You To:

  • Get your message out
  • Build the buzz
  • Expand your brand
  • Share your story
  • And be different…

“It’s not about perfection, it’s about action, adventure and sharing your story.”

Adventurize Your Website

  • 1-3 minute “YouTube-style” web videos for your website
  • From testimonials to iReport-style videos


  • Create a more dynamic, active website with new content
  • “Commercials” for your business
  • Grab the viewer’s attention, keep them on your site longer
  • More hits, more clients.

Adventurize Your Life

  • 1-3 minute “YouTube-style” web documentary videos
  • Tell your personal story or the story of your family legacy


  • Build your personal brand
  • Get your message out
  • Share your story
  • Create a personal, historical video archive.

Adventurize Your Community

  • 1-3 Minute YouTube/iReport style web videos
  • Documents community events
  • Voices of the residents and participants
  • iReporting on community projects like new libraries, parks, foundations


  • Builds community spirit
  • Creates dialogue with residents
  • Positions corporations and businesses as charitable contributors
  • Creates historical archive