Sizzle Adventure Quote of the Week- “Life begins at the edge of our comfort zone.”

“Life begins at the edge of our comfort zone” says Neale Donald Walsh. Who better to say that than the man who went way beyond his comfort zone, ending up in the depths of despair living on the streets, then catapulting himself into the spiritual awakening of his life where he had his “Conversations with God” (his mega bestsellng book).

During this past week, I’ve written about pushing our comfort zone limits in my piece, Adventure is when opportunity meets inspiration. That was part physical adventure (a road trip turned awry leading to another greater adventure) and the inner journey of knowing when to rethink what we were doing, willing to let go of one thing allowing another to emerge. But first it started with thoughts and perspective.

Adventure tip:

Allow and even seek out going beyond what you’re used to and comfortable with then see what happens. Instead of resisting the discomfort, gravitate towards it knowing that there’s a great adventure JUST IN DOING THAT!

-Tracy Pattin

One thought on “Sizzle Adventure Quote of the Week- “Life begins at the edge of our comfort zone.”

  1. I think I’ve spent a vast part of my life living outside the comfort zone, and I highly recommend it to those who want to experience a life of adventure.
    In 2004, my family chucked the good life in the OC, and moved our kids to an island in Belize, to experience “gratitude” instead of “entitlement.” What an amazing life changing year that was.
    Last weekend, on another scale, had to perform as Vanna White and then a Zombie, for my husband’s mini-commercial.
    My message is, the more you start doing things outside your comfort zone, the easier and more exciting your life becomes.

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