Tweak My Face. Check out “Frownies”…A Non-Invasive “Face Lift”

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

In yesterday’s blog, Raquel Welch. Beyond the Cleavage,  I wrote about the amazing Raquel Welch at 69 years old. She’s a true (beyond) midlife adventurer!

Valerie Bertinelli (filling in on the Joy Behar Show) asked Welch about her beauty secrets. She’s into non-invasive treatments and is committed to a healthy lifestyle of eating right and staying fit.

And then she revealed her answer to the Botox craze. A treatment Hollywood has embraced for many decades. Frownies. Face patches that claim to erase frown lines (even the ones on your forehead that Botox makes a b-line for).

Looking at how fantastic Welch looks, and being a huge proponent of non-invasive techniques, I’m going to try these little patches. You can buy them in Whole Foods and other stores in your area.

So, stay tuned! I’ve been using ROC anti-aging cream and like the results. So I’ll add Frownies to my arsenal of inexpensive, non-invasive skin products and we’ll see what happens.

Midlife Adventure Tip: Look to others who’ve gone before you  (and look fantastic and natural AND still recognizable!) for beauty advice.

-Tracy Pattin

Raquel Welch. “Beyond the Cleavage.”

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

When we think of aging incredibly well, Raquel Welch comes to mind! In fact, she is the icon for being an ageless hottie. Ironically, she’s been battling the age issue for years. When she turned 40, she announced it to the world and the world didn’t celebrate with her, she tells Valerie Bertinelli on the Joy Behar show the other night.

Soon-to-be 50 herself, Bertinelli was clearly in awe of this 69 (she turns 70 in September) year old beauty. Raquel’s out promoting her new autobiography, Beyond the Cleavage The book is full of her midlife adventures and beyond. She talks about society’s impact on aging women. “It’s a shame because I think when women get older, they really only come into themselves and become somebody — and not just a sex object,” she said.

Looking at both of these women, it’s clear that midlife (and beyond) can be a powerful and exhilarating time.

Welch says her book, “Beyond the Cleavage” is a message to women to embrace their aging spirits, instead of putting the focus on their aging bodies.

Midlife Adventure Tip: Seek out others who’ve gone before you for midlife inspiration. They can catapult us into forward thinking instead of looking back. Check out Reinventing Regrets .

In part 2 Raquel reveals a great NON-INVASIVE beauty secret!

-Tracy Pattin